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Fidelis as Elizabeth I
Fidelis as Elizabeth I
Fidelis in The Seagull
With Robert Gwylim in The Seagull



Fidelis Morgan’s frosty venomous Elizabeth rises to Philip Prowse’s production with blazing conviction. The Sunday Times

Queen Elizabeth’s costume for this production was made of duvets, jewels and other heavy items and it took two dressers to lift it on as it weighed about 5 stone. It is now used as a demo to children who think they might WANT to be an actress.


Fidelis was assistant director on Robert David Mcdonald’s production of TORQUATO TASSO



A remarkable production by Philip Prowse and adapted by Robert David MacDonald  features five actresses who all played Anna, and each took on one of the other roles.  Fidelis had the duo of the angry passionate Anna, and Anna’s nemesis, Lydia Ivanovna.Anna is beautifully handled by the five actresses… The Independent

Fidelis Morgan is the most interesting of the five women whose portrayals merge into a composite study of Anna.  The Scotsman

The fierce Fidelis Morgan the Anna who reacts to the trap in which she finds herself with cutting anger and scorn  The Observer

Fidelis Morgan’s Anna is strong and displays authority  Financial Times



Fidelis played Paulina

Sitting in the wings during this production Fidelis came up with the idea to write The Female Wits