Coward, Wilde & Shaw

Fidelis with Rupert Everett in Noel Coward's The Vortex
With Rupert Everett – “Mad About the Boy”
Fidelis as Ruth in Blithe Spirit
Fidelis as Ruth, back from the dead, a furious ghost



Fidelis played the singer Clara Hibbert both at Glasgow Citizens and in the West End, directed by Philip Prowse and starring Rupert Everett and Maria Aitken.

The breathless, scatterbrained diva Clara Hibbert (hilariously done by Fidelis Morgan). Financial Times

The Excellent Fidelis Morgan all swooping bustle as a comic diva. The Guardian

Fidelis Morgan makes Clara a fleshy matron, who announces headaches as though they were earthquakes and makes exits with all the grace of a startled sheep. The Independent


Also by Coward, Fidelis played Ruth in Blithe Spirit at Glasgow Citizens, directed by Giles Havergal, starring opposite Ciaran Hinds

Fidelis Morgan, utterly transformed from playing Schiller’s Queen Elizabeth, is a raven-haired, predatory Ruth clad in scarlet: a vampire of the drawing room. The Sunday Times

Fidelis Morgan’s icy Ruth…suggest an undoubtedly superhuman malignance at work beneath the antics – ultimately transforming into a fury, most elegantly dressed for cocktails. Plays and Players

Fidelis was assistant director on Prowse’s prduction of Sirocco



Fidelis played the Duchess of Berwick in Philip Prowse’s Glasgow Citizens’ production

Fidelis Morgan giving a high profile performance in the Edith Evans mould, crystal clear and timed to perfection, as the formidable Duchess of Berwick. Plays International

Performances are delicious – Fidelis Morgan plays the dragon-like Duchess as a close relation on Lady Bracknell, pronouncing Christian names as if they were social diseases. The Independent

Fidelis Morgan excels as the Duchess of Berwick, gleefully ambracing the contrariness of social convention and handling the art of the put down with the skill of that more contemporary dame, Edna Everage. The List

A precise, delightful contribution from Fidelis Morgan as the tyrannical, trouble-stirring Duchess of Berwick. Financial Times


Fidelis played Lady Caroline Pontefract

Fidelis Morgan crashes the silence with the decisiveness of a mother superior formulating a new creed. The Observer

Great comedy performance from the Lady Caroline of Fidelis Moran whose remark about admiring femininity is humorously offset by her own manuly strides and grim assault on her needlework. The Financial Times



Fidelis played the housekeeper Mrs Pearce in Shaw’s Pygmalion at Nottingham, also directed by Pip Broughton, with a cast including Josie Lawrence and Christopher Timothy

In Fidelis Morgan’s grimly imperious performance she has all the deference of Lady Bracknell and she spits out her lines with a lofty contempt which would make Mrs Danvers seem like the last word in warm approachability. The Independent

Fidelis Morgan gives everyone a fright as a deep-voiced Jeevesian Mrs Pearce The Observer

Fidelis Morgan’s dowager-Jeeves Mrs Pearce is a revelation Times Educational Supplement

A few years earlier she played Mrs Eynsford-Hill in Giles Havergal’s production at Glasgow Citizens’

I thought that Fidelis Morgan in a very small part was rather good. She was very convincing, this poor pathetic woman in a sort of genteel poverty Kaleidoscope Radio 4

Fidelis was assistant director on the Citizens’ production of Shaw’s Arms and the Man